How you can get involved...


Become a fundraiser - Do your part for the homeless of Central Florida by committing to run races of your choice and raise funds for the homeless by being sponsored. You can run any race you want for Stepping Onward. It's easy to sign up and pledge, just go to our campaign center and click the "become a fundraiser" link at the top of the page!

Join one of our HOPE Teams - Become a part of one of our HOPE running teams as a running teammate, mentor or coach at any skill level of running. Team members are there to provide inspiration, support and encouragement to our Central Florida homeless. The goal for each of our homeless runners is to complete a running event with the assistance of our volunteer running partners. The commitment is as little as one day every one to two weeks or as much as you feel called to contribute. The individuals we inspire, inspire others in return, paying it forward;the ultimate step in creating a better world. For more information email us at or meet up with us at one of our HOPE Team meetups below!

Donate - Make a contribution to help rebuild the lives of our Central Florida homeless. With your support, Stepping Onward can reach those in need, giving our homeless of Central Florida the tools needed to regain their confidence, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency.