Encouraging others to rejoin the race...


Stepping Onward wants to serve a long-term problem. Leading those in need to regain self-sufficiency, self-sustainability and decrease the incidence of chronic homelessness, reducing the hopelessness of our Central Florida population.

Stepping Onward will provide the motivation and encouragement through the spirit and principles of running. Stepping Onward runners will inspire those to overcome any adversity and transition back into the community. Runners will also be recruited to be sponsored to raise funds for homeless programs already in place in education, housing assistance, job training and placement and transitioning back into the community. They will be inspired to not just run for themselves but run for a cause. When you instill persistence, determination and the will to overcome adversity, these values last for life and will bring those individuals through future life challenges.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
– Chinese Proverb

Funding Stepping Onward will increase the value of the dollar donated to the homeless and it will significantly help the economy of Central Florida. This is so much more than helping the homeless. We want to develop a “grass roots” organization of like-minded individuals. Who better than runners to motivate others to overcome adversity and develop persistence, determination, self-esteem and confidence? Lastly, one of the biggest concerns with a volunteer organization is retention. Runners are passionate individuals and are the ideal volunteers for long-term retention.